Happy Holidays!

Dear friends,

Years ago I waited tables at Sun Mountain Lodge in the evenings to keep my farm afloat. One winter evening, a guest asked me how I got home when it was so dark. At the time I thought she was referring to the lack of streetlights in the Valley, but looking back, I think she was also referring to the isolation of our rural community.

I still think about that comment when I head into town on a dark winter’s night, yet I am moved not by our community’s isolation, but our togetherness. It is still dark outside and snow is still falling—both giving deer and icy corners the upper hand when driving! We also still face the storms of COVID and housing shortages. And yet…

I’ve noticed the spark of light of our community burns brighter, and more intensely. Yes, that’s literal! There are more of us here these days, but it’s something else too, an aliveness that cheers me on the darkest days of virus transmission news, canceled events, and housing crisis updates. Here, in the Methow, we work together to face challenges, build community, and live meaningfully.

Two weeks ago TwispWorks partnered with the Twisp Chamber of Commerce to revive Mistletoe Madness. It was a very dark and cold December night, but our community turned out regardless.

I’ve participated in Mistletoe Madness for a long time, sometimes working in a retail shop and other times participating as a fierce supporter (and purchaser!) of local goods. This year felt special: people gathered around Hotspot Firepits on Glover Street and at TwispWorks, sang in the Darwood Outfitting horse-drawn carriages with Ken Bevis, and supported our local artists and entrepreneurs all the while.

Two people in Christmas outfits celebrate in front of a colorful mural

It felt so good to see so many of you partaking in such a joyful community event! I felt less isolation and more hope for the future. I hope you might feel this same sense of warmth and community as we head into 2022 together. Happy Holidays!


Sarah Brown
Interim Executive Director