October is Give Methow!

You can make a real difference in the health of our community by contributing to TwispWorks during Give Methow – a month-long giving campaign sponsored by the Community Foundation of North Central Washington.

As TwispWorks commemorates our 10-year anniversary, our sense of celebration is balanced with the reality that our community still lacks access to economic opportunities found in other areas of the state. In fact, according to a University of Washington sustainability study published this year, 49% of families in the Methow Valley live at-or-below the poverty level.

Our community deserves a local economy that is healthy, diverse and opens doors for people to succeed.

TwispWorks programs and services address some of these challenges. Some examples of what we are doing include:
• closing the digital divide and bringing reliable broadband to under-served areas in our community;
• facilitating more than $2.5 million in loans to local businesses who would be challenged to qualify for traditional lending programs;
• working collaboratively with partners to address the root causes of poverty like access to housing and affordable childcare.

When you contribute to TwispWorks, you are creating opportunities for businesses and families succeed. We need your help now!

For every dollar contributed to TwispWorks during Give Methow, we will qualify for a pool of stretch dollars, so the more you give, the more we receive and the more the community benefits.

Please support the health of the Methow Valley and contribute today to TwispWorks!