Food & Drink Spotlight: OSB Taproom

Old Schoolhouse BreweryWhat they do: The Old Schoolhouse Taproom at TwispWorks is a fun spot to meet a friend, enjoy some live music on the Plaza Stage, and enjoy a craft beverage. We are open to all ages.

What’s new and delicious:
We hand-make calzones, with dough made from the spent grain from our beer. We also rotate through some delicious desserts, hand-dipped corn dogs, our own BBQ Sauce and more!

Their favorite local ingredient: We love FORK and welcome you to bring in some deliciousness when our hours overlap.

What makes their customers smile: Opening the garage doors and letting in the fresh, spring air.

When to visit: The Old Schoolhouse Taproom is open seven days a week: Monday through Friday, 3pm – 9pm and Saturday through Sunday, 12pm – close.