Five Questions with OSB Brewmaster Kyle Koger

This month we had a chance to grab a few minutes, and a quick pint, with OSB Brewmaster Kyle Koger.

TW: Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day Kyle, we know you’ve been super busy getting the south campus production facility up and running! We’re curious – what’s the number one question you get asked?
Kyle: Definitely folks want to know whether or not we’re producing beer at the facility yet and yes, we are! We’re currently on our seventh batch of beer. So far we’ve brewed a limited batch of South Campus IPA, our Easy Runaway IPA and Stowaway Pale Ale as well as batches of our K’POWW a fresh-hop brew made in collaboration with Skookum Brewery out of Arlington.

TW: Just how much beer can you brew at the new facility?
Kyle: Well currently we have capacity to brew 2,000 barrels a year, but we also have the option to build out to a capacity of 3-5,000 in the future.

TW: Are you just brewing for kegs? Or are you also bottling your beers at the new facility?
Kyle: For now we’re still bottling beers at the Winthrop location, but we hope to move over the equipment to the south campus in the next few weeks.

TW: What about the iconic Winthrop restaurant and brewery? They’re not going anywhere, are they?
Kyle: Heck no! We love our Winthrop location and will continue to brew out of the original brewery there for the restaurant as well as creating special small batch brews.

TW: okay here’s the most important question – what’s on your playlist?
Kyle: Clinton Fearon all the way!

TW: Nice! Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Kyle
Check out all the delicious drafts now being brewed at the OSB production facility on the TwispWorks campus – stop by the OSB Taproom in Twisp, open Monday through Saturday or visit the OG in Winthrop at 155 Riverside Ave – open every day!