Farewell to our Board President Char Alkire

By Sarah Brown

Char Alkire saw the TwispWorks board through an incredible period of transition—receiving the deed to the property, big leadership changes, COVID, just to name a few–and just as she started to set her sights on the end of her board term she made a 180 degree change and agreed to instead step up into the role of Board President!

Char’s years of experience in nonprofits up and down the valley, and willingness to do everything needed to get the job done set our board and organization on a trajectory for continued success and improvement. Char shared insights about fundraising, board development, and organizational structure that helped us set and reach our goals consistently. She is a proficient thank you note writer (all hail the thank you note writers!), and can lead a meeting like an orchestra conductor—bringing out the diverse opinions, bits of humor, and moving the agenda forward all at the same time, creating a cohesive work of art all the while. 

I am incredibly grateful Char took the reins for these last three years as Board President, and for her long tenure on the TwispWorks Board. Char and I have had meetings in masks, in the glorious sun at the picnic tables on campus, and once during Spring Break in her car when we absolutely could not find someplace open for coffee at 9am on a Tuesday! She has been flexible, understanding, and led with grace. We will miss your leadership Char, and wish you a wonderful transition to a meeting-less summer with your family.