Education Spotlight: Little Star South Collaborative

Haley Preciado with three infantsWhat they do: Little Star sparks curiosity, compassion, and a sense of community through joyful learning and discovery. We serve children aged 8 weeks to 6 years at our Twisp and Winthrop campuses with outstanding early childhood education!

Who they serve: At our Twisp campus, we serve 12 toddlers and 5 infants.

What’s new: We are hiring teachers for our summer program and next school year! Email to learn more.

Why the TwispWorks campus is a great fit: We love being located on the TwispWorks campus because it allows us to be part of the Twisp community. Being able to walk down Glover street with strollers full of toddlers and exploring the green spaces on the TwispWorks campus is so meaningful to our youngest learners.

What’s making them smile: This winter our students loved to see the plows and heavy equipment moving huge piles of snow. Many conversations stemmed from watching these vehicles as well as some snow shoveling on the playground by little hands wanting to help.