Like many rural areas in the west, the Methow Valley is contending with a complex set of challenges. A housing shortage has reached crisis levels. There is a dearth of living wage jobs, and at the same time the jobs that do exist go unfilled because of the shortage of housing. Young people who grow up in the Valley feel forced to leave by the lack of housing and good jobs—leading to an exodus of youth talent.

Luckily, our community has taken a proactive, collaborative, and inclusive approach to tackling these challenges. We hope you’ll be part of our efforts to create long term solutions—any gift of any size will help build a local economy where people can say, “One job is enough.” “My business is growing.” “I feel secure and welcome here.”

A gift of $15, for example, can add a panel of sheetrock to the walls of a new automotive tech facility on the TwispWorks campus. Facilities like these position students for living wages job right here in the Methow.

Donations may also be mailed to: TwispWorks, PO Box 264, Twisp, WA 98856

Your generosity will help build a thriving Methow economy that supports students, artists, and entrepreneurs and will reach the public through placemaking, arts programming, and all of TwispWorks’ diverse programming.