Craftsperson Spotlight: Peter Nawrot Woodworking

Peter Nawrot
What he does: Peter Nawrot has been a woodworker for over 23 years and spent 13 of them salvaging large, dead, or dying trees from Washington State. He seeks to explore and present their unusual grain patterns with a special interest in the ‘spalting’ or decay process.  

What’s new: Peter has recently completed some framed pieces of very rare and unusual grain/fungi patterns that were found within a large dead maple tree. He hopes that people will enjoy these beautiful patterns and colors that only nature could create. They can be viewed or purchased at Sun Mountain Lodge, Arrowleaf Bistro, and Methow Valley Goods. He encourages people to visit him in his studio at Twispworks.  

His favorite winter traditions in the Methow: Skiing  

What’s making him smile: My lovely wife, Mexico, and wood  

How to get in touch: Hours vary, but usually in his studio weekdays 9ish to 5ish. He’s glad to set up a meeting time and he can be reached at He really enjoys engaging with people in person at his shop.  

**INSIDER TIP** Come by the shop and purchase the coolest dang bookmark you will ever see! All proceeds from bookmarks will be donated to Room One.