Can We Tie Our Gratitude and Intentions Together?

I like to practice gratitude, and appreciate beauty in the world—perhaps that contributes to what many of you know as my rosy perspective, even in a pinch? Expressing gratitude is a strength. Though I can be overwhelmed when it snows another foot in November (for cryin’ out loud!), I am also thrilled we’re banking water this early in the season and out skiing, walking, or lounging in the snow (I do what I can to enjoy a lengthy winter—sometimes snow lounging is just the thing!). But where does gratitude get me without setting intention?   

This time of year many people make resolutions and celebrate family and friends, and I’m all about it. Please do set resolutions if that suits you (Less screen time? Sure! More chocolate in 2023? You bet!), but can we challenge ourselves to tie our gratitude and intentions together? How can we magnify the things we’re already grateful for, and how can you support the things your friends, family, and community are grateful for?   I’m grateful for the snow and thus the water for next year, so how can I decrease my impact on this precious resource in the valley? I’m grateful for having a cozy, insulated home—is there something I can do to support my neighbors in poorly insulated homes? I’m grateful for the small business owners lining the streets of our towns—how can I support them more as a community member and as staff at TwispWorks?   

I’ve got a swarm of gratitudes and a whole lot of intentions for next year in my personal life. Here at TwispWorks, I’m thinking about the work we do internally and our presence and programs in the community both on and off campus. Here’s a very basic sketch of what I’m hoping to accomplish next year:
  • Make sure our campus is open and accessible to the community (gratitude for snow removal and getting plumbing issues fixed)
  • Continue to build meaningful connections with campus partners to highlight what’s possible in a small, rural community (gratitude for our supportive and diverse campus partners)
  • Celebrate successes with the community and find ways to highlight the work we do both on and off campus (gratitude for our ongoing programs and community support)
  • Support our staff and continue to build an organizational culture on the foundation of trust and clear communication (gratitude for our staff continuing to be engaged and bringing a learning mindset through A LOT of organizational transition this year!)

    There’s always more I’m working on, housing, agriculture, culture and art…but these are my bigger, broader intentions for this year. What are you grateful for this year and where will it lead you next year?

    Written by Executive Director Sarah Brown