Barry Stromberger Is Teaching A Welding Class

This three hour class meets on Thursdays and is held in the Roadhouse on the TwispWorks campus. Barry describes it as a “crash course to welding,” giving students the opportunity to try a myriad of welding and joining techniques. Three of our staff are currently in the class, Tori, Evan, and Amanda.

If you aren’t familiar with Barry Stromberger‘s work, it is still highly likely that you have encountered one of his pieces. Ever stopped to study a tree-themed gate that seemed particularly beautiful or a surprisingly intricate metal sculpture integrated into a park bench? You were looking at Barry’s work.

“He’s a genius and an amazing teacher. Not a common combination,” said Evan, our Construction Lead here on campus.

We feel incredibly fortunate to have Barry join us on campus. Thank you so much for sharing your craft!

FYI: This class is currently full.