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TwispWorks 2020 Annual Report

2020 was a challenging year for us all but thanks to your generosity, TwispWorks was able to provide support, deliver programs, and connect our local businesses to a host of financial assistance opportunities. While focused on assisting businesses impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, we also continued to invest in our campus and partner community. The results are something we should all be proud of. Please check out our 2020 annual report and see what an impact your support made to the economic and cultural vitality of the Methow Valley!

View Our 2020 Annual Report

TwispWorks welcomes Sarah Gilman to the TwispWorks Board

Sarah Gilman headshotSarah Gilman learned to love small-town life on Colorado’s West Slope, where she spent most of her adult life, building trails, collecting biological data, and mostly, working at a magazine about the American West.

After a brief stint in Portland, Oregon, she moved to the Methow Valley in 2018, to find her place in a tight-knit community again. Sarah is a freelance magazine journalist, editor, and illustrator with bylines and art in The Atlantic, Audubon, Hakai Magazine, High Country News, and others. In her writing, she seeks to illuminate the complicated ways people relate to landscapes and other species. In her visual art, she’s most interested in the cultivation of wonder, and the ways it might help more of us come to value and make space for wildness and each other.

Her current work is at the nexus of the two fields—a place where, she hopes, these themes can combine in immersive ways that foster empathy, respect for nuance over polarization, and a sense of awe for and accountability towards the world as it is—still huge and full of mystery and beauty. Sarah joined the Twispworks board hoping to support the artists and businesspeople who make this valley so wonderful, and to help provide opportunities to others to do the same. For a time, Sarah was perhaps best known for being the women’s wood splitting champion at the Carbondale, Colorado, Mountain Fair three years running. She has an absurd number of axes and mauls for someone whose current home does not include a wood stove.

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TwispWorks welcomes Tom Robinson to the TwispWorks Board

Tom Robinson HeadshotTom Robinson has been moving to the Methow since at least 2007. Maybe it was getting a 509 number or buying a pickup, but Tom is now anchored in the Valley with his wife Joan Wellman.

Raised in Seattle, Tom headed to college in Arizona, and guided outdoor courses in the Southwest before getting a PhD at Stanford. Then began a 30-year career as a management consultant. Tom also worked as a college professor before shifting to his final career as a Rolfer.

Tom loves to hike, ski, climb, raft, and ride bikes. He’s learning to farm a bit, too, moving handlines to irrigate regenerative pastures for hay and sheep. Tom wants to bring his love of building community and solving organizational problems to the TwispWorks board.

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TwispWorks welcomes Stu Spencer to the TwispWorks Board

Stuart Spencer HeadshotTwispWorks welcomes Stu Spencer to the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Stu first fell in love with the Methow Valley in the late 80’s and saved until he could build a small cabin with his wife Patty in Mazama in 1993. We moved here full time in 2016 when Patty’s dream log house/property (the Kicking Mule Ranch) became available in 2016.

Stu spent almost his entire veterinary career first as an associate and later an owner in a multi-doctor multi-location veterinary group in Seattle. Originally, Stu studied farm animal medicine, but after barely surviving camel medicine in the Peace Corp Morocco decided that dogs and cats were safer.
Small business has given me a great life and the opportunity to create a family. I want that same opportunity for anyone who also wants it. That is what TwispWorks is all about and that is why I’m all in.

Learn more about the TwispWorks Board of Directors here.

Applications Now Accepted – Small Business Emergency Grant

eqpd gearThe Small Business Emergency Grant is pleased to announce a fifth round of funding open now through Feb 28th. In this round we expect to award 5-10 grants of $1,500-$5000 each. Special consideration will be given to those businesses who have been shuttered, had to cancel events, and to restaurants, bars and recreational facilities. To date, the SBEG has distributed 48 grants and raised over $116,000 for local businesses. To apply for the SBEG, click here: