Artist Spotlight: Velocity Made Good

What she does: VMG is the art studio of Perri Lynch Howard. Perri is an artist dedicated to forging new narratives from the front lines of climate change. Working in the context of extreme environments is an essential aspect of Ms. Howard’s practice, driving her curiosity to seek a deeper sense of place, beyond the dichotomy of near and far. Her artwork is a charting or mapping of sites and situations expressed through painting, drawing, sculpture and sound.

What’s new: From 15 OCT – 02 NOV I will be on a barquentine tall ship out of svalbard, making hydrophone recordings of ice, water, and marine life in the arctic circle.

How her work interacts with the landscape of the Methow: My work is deeply inspired by our connection to place. I find the Methow to be an endlessly stimulating source of inspiration, particularly during seasonal transitions, when changes in light and shadow are most accentuated.

Visitors to TwispWorks should see… The natural dye garden, which Sara Ashford has lovingly transformed into an amazing work of art! Her natural-dye artworks are pretty awesome, too.

Her favorite fall activity in the Methow: listening to the crunchy flutter of aspen leaves.

What’s making her smile: My dog, Rudder, sleeping in the sunny spot on the floor of the studio.

How to get in touch with Perri: Studio hours are by appointment, and I welcome visitors!

I can be reached by phone or text at 509.557.2299


IG /velocitymadegood

FB /vmgworks



Perri Lynch Howard photo credit: Tim Matsui