Artist Spotlight: Hannah Viano

What she does: I am an artist and educator based in the Methow Valley, Washington, and Arnøya in northern Norway. When I started, art was fit in around the edges of a life of teaching and adventures on land and sea. An acrobatics class in Santiago, landscape watercolors in Taos, rigging in Port Townsend, I studied whatever a place had to teach me. Now I strive to use that diverse background to collaborate across disciplines, seeking out projects that give me the opportunity to illustrate important ecological stories, challenge me to compellingly depict subjects and ideas, and use education to foster stewardship and a sense of place. This work comes to life through children’s books, teaching residencies, science outreach, cross- pollinator expeditions, and community focused public art projects.

What’s new: I am doing more large public art projects that allow me to create, collaborate, teach, and wear many different hats through the scope of the project. Also, my husband and I are starting an artist residency program in northern Norway.

How her work interacts with the landscape of the Methow: I spend as much time as I can hiking, skiing, biking, and moving around in the landscape with my sketchbook in my pocket, trying to capture small treasures and big observations along the way.

What she’s recently completed: My most visible recent work is integrated into the new Winthrop Public Library, including various forms of donor recognition that connect to the Methow environment.

Her favorite fall activity in the Methow: Color bathing in a nice spot down by the river.

What’s making her smile: I am starting work on a new collaboration with a local poet, and have loved getting to read and carry around her latest work as I see how it will inspire me.

How to get in touch with Hannah: The studio I share with Foxtail Pottery is usually open Thursday and Fridays 12-4 with openings for special events. You can also follow my work on instagram @hannahviano