Artist Spotlight: D*Signs

What she does: D*Signs is the sign making and artist studio of Donna Keyser. Donna is a landscape painter who loves to travel and watch the light in different parts of the world. Still, she says, “There is no place like home.”

What’s new: I just got back from norway, enjoying a very stimulating and nurturing week with Hannah, Joe, and Eli. Drawing again and enjoying the crazy use of inappropriate color.

How her work interacts with the landscape of the Methow: Sometimes paint or paint thinner drops on a rock while I am painting.

What she’s recently completed: A small book of drawings of the land and waterscape of northern Norway. Done with Sharpie markers on handmade paper from Nepal.

Her favorite fall activity in the Methow: smelling the air, watching the light, sunrise sunset, turning over the garden, and chopping wood.

What’s making her smile: Music, my new bike.

How to get in touch with Donna:

I am mostly here early in the morning (5am!). Laura Karcher and I have occasional openings in our gallery, you can call, text, email, or try stopping by. 509-997-0255 (cell phone)

I live in town, so it is easy to come let you in if I am not here.

Laura and I curate the gallery at Sun Mountain Lodge, much of my work is there if it is finished.