Rural Broadband and the Methow Valley

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Please take 2 minutes to complete a brief survey. Working with the Washington State Broadband Office, this mapping initiative will help identify gaps in high-speed internet service and areas in the Methow Valley where broadband infrastructure needs are greatest. This information will help us secure state and federal funding for local projects that can enhance service in the Methow Valley. Thank you for your help!

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September 2020 Update

Prepared for the Twisp PDA and the Methow Valley Broadband Action Team, Tilson Technologies has released its fourth report focused on Methow valley business models and including a proposed technical model and action plan milestones. We have posted the executive summary of this report below. If you would like to request a full copy of any of the reports listed below you can do so by emailing .

September 2020: Methow Valley Business Models, Technical Model & Action Plan Milestones
June 2020: Infrastructure, Design, Cost Estimate, Market Analysis & Funding Strategies
May 2020: Broadband Availability, Gap Analysis, & Demand Assessment
April 2020: Telecommunications Infrastructure Report

February 2020 Update

In January 2020, Tilson Technologies, a telecommunication company based in Maine, was contracted by the Twisp Public Development Authority (PDA) to conduct a Broadband Planning study for the Methow Valley. This study was funded through a state Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB) grant, with matching funds from the Twisp PDA and Okanogan County, to assess internet service in the Methow Valley.

In February TwispWorks facilitated a series of meetings between Tilson, the Broadband Action Team (BAT) and Advisory Council, local stakeholders and community members. These meetings were designed to help inform Tilson’s first milestone of community engagement and visioning, policy review and providing an inventory of existing and developing broadband infrastructure. This detailed report will be coming soon, so check back often! You can read the Methow Valley News’ excellent coverage of the meetings below.

Broadband Badlands article 2/12/20

Community Downloads Its Internet Access Issues article 2/19/20

September 2019 Update

The Washington State Department of Commerce’s Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB) has awarded the Twisp PDA a $50,000 grant for the Methow Valley Broadband Action Team (BAT) to identify areas in the Methow Valley that lack reliable broadband service.

According to the most recent statistics from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), 25 million Americans do not have access to a broadband-speed connection to the Internet. The vast majority—more than 19 million people—live in rural areas. This means nearly 31% of rural residents in the United States are unable to take advantage of digital services and capabilities that are an everyday part of life for many urban residents. This gap, known as the “digital divide” means rural areas like the Methow Valley are at a disadvantage when looking at the global market place and access to information and residents have fewer opportunities to access services like telemedicine and online learning.

In 2018, TwispWorks convened a Broadband Action Team (BAT) made up of local government and community members who recognized the lack of reliable broadband in some areas of the Methow Valley were impacting the economic health and well-being of the community. Community input in the process has been part of each step, including community meetings and an online survey where hundreds of Methow Valley residents and businesses provided input on their broadband needs. The BAT has also worked with infrastructure providers including Okanogan County Electric Coop (OCEC), Okanogan County PUD and internet service providers.

CERB funding for the project consists of a planning study to develop a community broadband plan to identify the technical requirements to bring improved and expanded broadband to underserved communities in the Methow Valley. To secure the $50,000 planning grant, CERB required a grant match of $16,667 which has been secured from Okanogan County and the Twisp PDA, each providing 50% of the match. In addition to leading the work of the BAT, TwispWorks wrote the grant and will lead the oversight of the study, while the Twisp PDA will administer the grant award. Once the technical requirements are understood, the BAT will look at funding for the technical implementation to bring services to areas lacking reliable broadband.

Methow Valley Broadband Position Paper (2019)
authored by TwispWorks

Broadband Access in the Methow Valley

Rural BroadbandAs a rural, mountainous, and remote community, the Methow Valley has limitations to broadband access. Not all residences have access to broadband, service provision is not consistent and the infrastructure to support broadband is not in place in all areas. However, because of technological innovation, a change in the political climate advocating greater broadband access in rural areas, incentives to broadband providers to expand their coverage and an interest from key stakeholders in our local community, we believe now is an opportune time to work to improve broadband access in the Methow Valley.

Read/download Methow Valley Broadband Position Paper (full text)

February 2019 Update

In the United States, 312 million people, or 92% of the population have access to broadband Internet. According the most recent statistics from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), 25 million Americans do not have access to a broadband-speed connection to the Internet. The vast majority—more than 19 million people—live in rural areas. That means almost one third of the rural US population does not have access to broadband. This lack of access can put unnecessary constraints on education, health care, public safety, business and many other critical services we rely on for a healthy community and economy. Many Methow Valley residents report being cut off by a total lack of service or inadequate bandwidth, unable to take advantage of digital services and capabilities that are an everyday part of life for many urban residents.

Over the past year, TwispWorks and the local Broadband Action Team have been exploring this challenge in the Methow Valley. A recently completed study (you can read the full study below) conducted with Partners for Rural Washington began a deeper exploration of the issue. Recognizing this challenge is not unique to the Methow, recent meetings with Perry Houston, Okanogan County Planner, the Okanogan County Commissioners and Ernie Rasmussen representing the Colville Confederated Tribes (CCT) helped us focus on this common challenge in our county. Our next step is to apply for Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB) planning grants to further evaluate our current service area map and establish a plan for underserved areas. TwispWorks, through a contract with the Twisp Public Development Authority, will submit the grant application on May 28. The CCT, led by Ernie Rasmussen and Okanogan County, with help from Roni Holder-Diefenbach, Executive Director of the Economic Alliance, will make separate applications that address the unique geographical and community needs across our vast county. Ernie, Roni and Don will continue to meet throughout the project to ensure an integrated county-wide solution.

Read/download Report

August 2018 Update

Because reliable, high speed internet plays such a vital role in the economic health of our valley, TwispWorks has identified rural broadband internet as a top priority advocacy issue and has been working to improve access for all residents. In the Spring of 2018, TwispWorks began leading the discussion convening meetings between our local internet service providers, governments and interested citizens.

The Partners for Rural Washington (PRW), through a grant from Communities of Concern, has teamed with TwispWorks, Okanogan County and the town of Twisp to perform a valley-wide, rural broadband internet needs assessment.

Using information gathered through community input in the form of a survey conducted in late summer 2018, PRW will provide a written report outlining the possible next steps (and cost estimates) for enhancing broadband service in our rural community. This grant funded work is being done at no cost to the towns or county and you can read the Memorandum of Understanding between the Partners for Rural Washington and Okanogan County and Twisp at the end of this article.

Over 13% of Methow Valley residents work remotely and rely on the internet to earn their livelihood. Every day, valley businesses rely on the internet for marketing and financial transactions. Students rely on the internet to complete assignments and parents actively monitor their progress through the internet. Here in the Methow Valley, we are fortunate to have great, local internet service providers who are committed to quality and customer service. But it’s no secret that some valley residents either do not have the service that they require or are unaware of how to get the service that they want. With input from area experts, elected officials and community members, we’ve created this roadmap to help achieve this ambitious goal:

1. Assemble a team to develop a community broadband vision;
2. Facilitate a planning process to understand community broadband needs;
   a. Perform a valley-wide needs assessment and identify gaps in service;
   b. Evaluate and chose appropriate technology and service options;
   c. Create a broadband plan;
3. Implement a community led plan;
   a. Identify funding opportunities;
   b. Complete identified infrastructure improvements as necessary.

Read/download the Methow Broadband MOU