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Our Workplace

TwispWorks strives to cultivate a staff whose lived experience aligns with the key issues we address. People of color, LGBTQ candidates, those from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, people with deep roots in Okanogan County, and other qualified candidates are encouraged to apply.

We recognize that applying for a job within a new organization can be intimidating. Traditional hiring practices often do not lend themselves to an inclusive and equitable experience for those people who have faced systemic and historical inequities. We are continuously learning how to make our hiring practices more accessible and available to people in our community.

Here are some helpful resources for when you start building your application materials:

How to Write a Nonprofit Cover Letter (Indeed) – We may also ask you to answer specific questions in your cover letter. Please be sure to read the Hiring Announcement carefully.

How to Create a Non-Profit Resume (Indeed) – A resume should be no more than two pages and highlight your relevant experience.

Non-Profit Resume Tips (Monster) – If you’re trying to find work in the nonprofit sector, here are some elements that should find their way onto your resume.

This page uses ideas, language, and resources from Room One’s employment page. We’re grateful for their permission to borrow and for their leadership in cultivating equitable hiring practices.