A Sense of Place Spotlight: Heroncraft

Heroncraft logo

What they do: Alicia and Paige Heron are craftspeople and students of building science, history, and culture. Together as Heroncraft, we offer a wide variety of woodwork—primarily timber framing with traditional mortise & tenon joinery—and natural plasters. We are also available for consultation regarding natural wall systems (especially hempcrete and light straw clay) and healthy home building options. We hope to contribute to the vitality of this bioregion by creating beauty while offering alternatives to conventional construction that are more supportive of ecological and biological health.

What’s new or exciting:
We just cast the first hempcrete (hemp hurds & lime) building in the county! It’s a great option for a natural wall system in this climate, and it’s an ideal substrate for interior and exterior plaster without the need for sheathing.

How they interact with the physical landscape of the Methow: Heroncraft tries to use carefully & locally sourced timbers for framing structures, and we always use traditional joinery to ensure longevity (i.e. respect for the life of the tree taken & reduction of future harvesting for replacement). We aim to honor the Methow landscape while engaging with the inevitably destructive building industry by encouraging design and materials that are at least less toxic and disruptive, if not downright harmonious.

What they’ve recently built that connects them to the Methow: We feel so grateful to be building our own home here in the Methow and planting a whole bunch of perennial food plants as we continue to clean up seemingly infinite shards of trash on an old homestead site. Attempting to tend Methow land in this way connects our family to this place.

Their favorite Methow summer activity: Our favorite summer activity is – no surprise – finding a quiet spot to dip in one of the sparkling rivers.

What’s making them smile: Our toddler is making us smile and laugh these days. Summer rains have also been inspiring big smiles.

How to get in touch with Heroncraft: We are available by appointment. Reaching out by email first is best: connect@heroncraft.com