A New Year: Curious About What’s Next

The TwispWorks staff and their partners under a tree on a grassy field in the evening

Dear TwispWorks community,

I enjoy the focus this time of year on gratitude and reflection and I am certainly thinking about the successes and challenges of 2023. I’m writing notes to family and friends (like you!)—as well as end-of-year reports about the power of community in supporting small businesses and artists here in the Methow Valley. I’m feeling grateful to be part of a small community with a big heart and reflecting on what makes me smile when I walk with my dog Cody from my TwispWorks office to the post office—maybe toddlers rolling down the lawn at the Pavilion? A conversation I just had about local investing? The birds singing in the fir trees outside the Independent Learning Center?

These things do truly make me smile and I do enjoy reflecting and engaging with community; however, there’s another guiding spark in my life that keeps me going in these dark days —that’s my curiosity. To be fully transparent, I get restless in anticipation of all the good, delightful stuff we are going to get into in the coming year. When I reflect on the great success of the Methow Arts ArtsFest put on at TwispWorks last July, I get a smile on my face thinking about how we can improve upon it in the coming year. More art? More face painting? More ways to engage our local artists?

Similarly, when I think about just how successful the Methow Investment Network has been (over $3M invested in local businesses by local investors!!!), I get curious about how we can get the message out to our local businesses about this incredible program and how we can share what we’re doing with other rural regions across the state and country. Surely, a more robust regional economy would have a positive impact on the Methow Valley and TwispWorks.

My curiosity continues to build about what TwispWorks can do better, and how we can best meet the needs of our community to build greater economic and cultural vitality. My curiosity takes me into challenging conversations about economic theory and program implementation, into beautiful works of art at campus partners’ studios, and into thought exercises about how TwispWorks can grow not bigger, but deeper into the community, and find ways to demonstrate that our campus and programs are for everyone.

With that in mind, won’t you join me at TwispWorks? You certainly belong here!


Sarah Brown