A Big Thank You to Outgoing Board Members

In December TwispWorks gave thanks to our outgoing board members Perri Howard, Jim Salter, and Susan Donohue. Each of these board members shared their invaluable skills, many hours of time in meetings and at events, and combined sat on the board for more than 20 years!

Perri’s leadership as Board President was calm, direct, and generous. She helped elevate concerns and questions as the board navigated challenges and changes (especially over these last two years!). Her work as an artist and partner on campus at TwispWorks helped keep the arts and culture elements of the TwispWorks mission alive during strategic discussions.

Jim’s expertise as a small business owner and keen attention to detail consistently helped TwispWorks fine-tune our operations and especially our building projects and campus design. Jim also brought his excellent sense of humor to TwispWorks board meetings, and we could count on him for a few excellent dry jokes every meeting.

Susan also brought great attention to detail, especially in the areas of language and equity, to board discussions and work. Her clear focus and ability to ask clarifying questions helped the board explore different aspects of TwispWorks programs as the work unfolded.

We’ll be missing these board members in the New Year, and wish them the best in their next endeavors.