2021 Annual Report

TwispWorks 2021 Annual Report

Dear friends,

As a generous supporter of TwispWorks, you bring a transformative sense of community to the Methow Valley. I hope you are proud of the integral role you are playing in this special community.

2021 was another challenging COVID year. Our small businesses needed help. The local workforce’s need for housing became unavoidable. Our artists got more time to make art but needed new ways to showcase their talent. Wildfires created urgency around understanding our ecological footprint—especially the ways it intersects with our economy and culture.

This intense period brought us all into deeper connection with our community. Your connection to community certainly shows in this report! You’ll find specific stories and financial information detailing your impact in the pages that follow. I want you to know that I’m grateful for your support.

I was recently walking back to campus from the post office and had a chance conversation with a few pedestrians, two of whom said they were headed ‘over there to sit in the park.’ I didn’t grasp at first they were headed to TwispWorks, but as I wound my way through the native plant garden behind the Methow Valley Interpretive Center, I realized these people were coming to relax on our lawn, connect with community members, and enjoy everything campus has to offer.

Thank you for creating not just this place, but this community of friends and strangers, artists and businesspeople, students and professionals. There is so much opportunity right here at TwispWorks!

As we look ahead, we know that our community’s needs will continue to change; however, our goal remains constant—to keep our business community strong and our unique valley culture vibrant. With your help, we really can turn the Methow hustle into a line dance!

Sarah Brown
Executive Director