Furniture needed for Artists in Residence

This fall, TwispWorks will welcome four artists to live and work on campus for a three-month residency program sponsored by Artist Trust, Methow Arts Alliance and the Confluence Gallery and Art Center.

Participating artists will live in our Bunkhouse and select from a number of unused spaces / buildings on campus to serve as studio space.

Donations of used furniture in good condition are needed to complete the Bunkhouse for the artists.

We are seeking the following:

  • Dining table with 4-6 chairs
  • Dressers of any size
  • Small bedside tables
  • Coffee and end tables
  • Couch
  • Living room chairs
  • DVD player

Please email Tori Karpenko ( or call 509-997-3300 if you have anything you’d like to donate!

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