Twisp Public Development Authority

A branch of municipal government, the Twisp Public Development Authority was chartered by the Town of Twisp to purchase the TwispWorks site in 2009.

In 2014, the Public Development Authority (PDA) transferred most of the site to the TwispWorks Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization. Today, the Twisp PDA owns two buildings on the TwispWorks campus that are part of a statewide community solar program. In 2020, when that program sunsets, these two buildings will also become the property of the TwispWorks Foundation.

The PDA is governed by a community-led Board of Directors. The affairs of the PDA are managed through a contract with the TwispWorks Foundation. Call 509-997-3300 or email info@twispworks.org for more information about the PDA.

Download meeting minutes of the Twisp Public Development Authority Board of Directors.

Notice of Change in U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Non-Discrimination Statement

Current members of the Board of Directors:

David Gottula, President
Ed Geiger, Treasurer
Mary Anne Quigley, Secretary
Casey Bouchard
Sharon Cohen